Auditing Services

04 revisionIndependent control is better

As a recognised, established and independent auditing firm, audit mandates are indeed our core competency.

You can count on our years of extensive experience in providing support services to small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). We carry out our services according to the legal provisions, independently and strictly in conjunction with the accepted principles of the profession.

Audits and controls pave the way for clarity and transparency

With ABACOR Revisions AG as partner, you ensure that your reporting standards are clear and transparent in every aspect. Hence, you pave the way for a sound basis for the trust that other firms, customers, employees, banks and government officials place in your company.

More client advantages through cooperation

Interdisciplinary collaboration with ABT Treuhandgesellschaft AG forms the basis for a broad spectrum of services, which are distinguished by high quality and comprehensive support. The high level of expertise demonstrated by our employees as well as our state-of-the-art infrastructure ensure client-specific advisory services and reliable processes. Thanks to the favourably manageable scope of our business, you reap benefits from swift communications, secure processes and low cost structures. At the same time, clients can count on absolute discretion and transparency in any case.

Our services

Auditing of annual financial statements (ordinary audit or limited audit) for the following entities:

  • Publicly listed stock companies
  • Limited company (Ltd.)
  • Foundations
  • Cooperatives
  • Corporations (Swiss Code of Obligations, Swiss GAAP FER, IFRS)
  • Personnel pension schemes
  • Non-profit organisations
  • Subsidiaries of stock exchange-listed companies and foreign groups

Related services

  • Acquisition review
  • Desk review
  • Review of annual reports (PS 910)
  • Stipulated auditing activities relating to financial information (PS 920)
  • Compilation of financial information (PS 930)

Special audits according to the law on stock companies for the following situations:

  • Company incorporation
  • Capital increases
  • Capital reductions
  • Revaluations
  • Excessive debt risks
  • Special audits
  • Liquidations
  • Audits according to merger laws

Other audits

  • Company acquisitions (financial due diligence)
  • Licensing agreements based on contract fulfilment
  • Fund distributors according to SFA guidelines
  • External SRO audit office in accordance with money laundering laws for SRO VQF, FIRMA, SRO STV, SRO VSV, SRO Polyreg
  • Compliance with rules of professional conduct
  • Internal Control Systems (ICS)
  • Support in setting up Internal Control Systems (ICS) with our IT module
  • Review of Internal Control Systems
  • Expert assessment activities
  • In civil cases and Swiss Code of Obligations-related issues in court proceedings