Legal Advisory Services

02 rechtGeneral legal advisory services

We provide support and advice regarding legal issues that you may be compelled to deal with in the course of your professional or business activities, or relating to personal matters.

With regard to legal problems, our objective is aimed at finding pragmatic, sustainable and costoriented solutions. We emphasise constructive approaches to resolutions. In this way, legal disputes can be resolved and, at the same time, valuable business or personal relationships can be preserved.

When situations arise in which judiciary proceedings are evident, we clarify the opportunities and risks for you. Certain court proceedings are subject to legal representation by independently practicing attorneys, due to legal factors. In such cases, we bring on board specialists.

Our services

  • Advice for all legal issues
  • Contract law: preparation and review of any type of contract
  • Purchasing rights
  • Tenant rights
  • Intellectual property rights (e.g. patents, licenses)
  • Debt collection and bankruptcy law: legal advisory services and support in debt collection and bankruptcy proceedings
  • Clarification of public-sector legal issues, including criminal law
  • International private law

Corporate law advisory services for companies/SMEs

Legal conflicts have an adverse impact on a company's creativity and productivity. Prompt and profound legal advisory services are an investment in your firm - with sustainable added value.

Our legal department is closely linked to ABT Treuhand Group. Our lawyers are already very knowledgeable about your business activities and are capable of taking action swiftly and efficiently. Our lawyers can also rely, as required, on the various specialists within the ABT Treuhand Group - such as auditors, tax and trust experts as well as the international network of NEXIA - in order to develop interdisciplinary solutions that are individually tailored to your needs.

Our services

  • Company formation in all legal forms, including foundations and associations
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Capital increases
  • Restructurings and liquidations
  • Debt collection and bankruptcy law
  • legal advisory services for boards of directors (functions and responsibility)
  • Legal advisory services and support in labour disputes
  • Preparation of general terms and conditions (GTC)
  • Establishing company domicile in Switzerland
  • Legal advisory services for public-sector issues (e.g. administrative law, buildings and construction law, law governing foreigners)

Martial property rights, inheritance rights, family law

Particularly concerning family matters, most people do not like to think about the relevant general laws. However, no one is indifferent regarding factors that can affect their assets once he or she is no longer around.

A prenuptial agreement, last will or testament or inheritance contract can provide clarity and prevent future conflicts. Such objectives can be achieved by means of specific succession planning.

These contracts or agreements relate to personal circumstances that can change in the course of our lives. Hence, such documents should be periodically subject to review and adapted to current needs.

Our services

  • Advisory services in all matters revolving around families, including martial property rights and inheritance rights, particularly questions regarding individual succession planning
  • Execution of wills
  • Preparation and review of prenuptial agreements, last wills and testaments, inheritance contracts
  • Advice and support with separation and divorce issues as well as questions regarding children's rights (e.g. marriage protection measures, divorce conventions, regulating alimony and child support entitlements and visitation rights)

Labour law

Amid the thicket of rules and regulations governing labour law, it is not always easy for employers and employees in terms of maintaining an overview, determining which provisions are relevant and precisely defining your rights and obligations.

Most problems that emerge result from changes in employment contracts and termination of employer-employee relationships. Particularly in the case of termination by the employer, special attention should be paid to the legal possibilities and limitations.

If the employer violates or overlooks a legal provision in such a sensitive matter, the result could turn out to be expensive for the company. In case of doubt, it is indeed worthwhile to clarify the circumstances from a legal perspective.

Our services

  • Advisory services for all labour law issues
  • Analyses of disputes involving labour law
  • Preparation and review of employment contracts
  • Support in the application of work permits and residence permits